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We are aiming at becoming the best business Practice Academy that having professional experience and youth energy as well as creativity encourages decision making and actual changes in business.

What areas are crucial to You, how to realize yourself?

Law of Competence

You may increase Your level of efficiency and productivity by performing your tasks better every time.

It forms your skills and competence, and these features in their turn are determined by your achievements and living standards.

A market pays off for a great work done. So, you succeed as much as you are able to work better than others. A great responsibility lies on you to decide what things you can and must do only very good, then you make a plan and start working on achieving mastery in a particular field.

The main question that you have to answer is WHAT IS ONE SKILL that if I developed would have a greatest positive affect on my career? What is your skill that determines your speed of doing main tasks and approaching your goals?

Be honest with yourself. What is your weakness that limits you? What is one skill that's missing and stops you from achieving your goals?

Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Define the areas in which you can achieve the best results, also define limits of your competence. What are the professional tasks that are crucial and how well you can perform them?

There will never be enough time for everything, but you can manage to do the main tasks.